Oil Bird

This is a digital painting for an assignment in my fine art class. We went to the art museum and had to choose a painting ( I chose Salvador Dali's The Dream ) and make a "map" of things that we saw/thought/felt about the painting. From that "map" we were to create a referential artwork of the original painting. 

To summarize my ideas, the biggest feelings and thoughts I had from viewing The Dream were of the ominous figure and darkness that takes up most of the foreground in the painting. I also took notice of the figures in the background that in my opinion looked like they were being ignorant of the creepy figure/darkness. 

From these thoughts I came to the conclusion to do a piece that had some relation to the environment and the ignorance of people. I was inspired by photos of sea birds covered in oil and felt like this would be a good topic to use for creating my artwork. 

Catherine Stanley